Nature Play Area Grand Opening

Celebratory ribbon-cutting to take place on October 23rd, 2019

Demolition of the old Polston Elementary playground began in August to make way for the Rio Grande Farm Park’s incoming Nature Play-Area. On October 23rd from 5-7 PM, community members are invited to witness the opening of the structure set to replace it. 

The Colorado Health Foundation has made this all possible. Their granting the Rio Grande Farm Park the funds to build this play area will provide an excellent opportunity for children to get out and get moving!

Soon, kids can climb to the top of log-formations into a rope “bird’s nest.” From there, there are many ways to swing down between trees and shrubs and towards a water-pump that pours into a sandbox. A slide built into the side of a hill drops off into a mulch landing. Nearby are wood and boulder formations perfect for climbing, hopping, and anything else the imagination can dream up.  A 30-foot long zipline is sure to get the adrenaline-pumping, too.

Building this new playground is Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, a company that has built hundreds of nature play areas across the US and Canada. Their designs mimic nature to create environments that nurture the senses and stoke kids’ creative powers. Local companies Absmeier has helped work the site and will be placing plants, while Steffen’s Quality Plumbing and Heating and Domestic Irrigation are bringing in water for the play area, trees, and grass. Logs from AllPine Lumber make up the playground border, pulling the site together.

Come out to the Rio Grande Farm Park on October 23rd to take part in the grand opening celebration of the Nature Play area. A ribbon will be cut to mark the opening of the playground at 5PM. Over the next few hours, free food will be served out of the MOKI food truck, and the band Sweet Radish will entertain the crowd. This event is free, and open to all! You may RSVP on the Rio Grande Farm Park Facebook page.