Colorado Gives 2020

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Mission: “To foster an equitable local food system that restores the health of the people, community, economy and ecosystem.”

Why I Support the Local Foods Coalition
By Ally Jean Arnold, Outreach & Engagement VISTA
Reading our mission statement today, I was filled with hope and a sense of healing — which is exactly what our chaotic world needs right now. When you envision the way out of crisis, what do you see? I imagine a future where local jobs are abundant, small businesses are thriving, and healthy, organic food is readily available for all. The San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition was working toward these ideals even before COVID-19 ravaged the economy and health of the public. The reason I joined the Local Foods Coalition as an AmeriCorps VISTA in June 2020 was that I wanted to be part of the COVID solution. I believe that this organization is doing everything in its power to create healing, sustenance, food sovereignty, and a strong local economy. Will you stand with us and be part of the COVID solution? 

We need your help.

In order to continue all of our programs – the Rio Grande Farm Park, Valley Roots Food Hub, the MoKi & Local Foods Local Places, SLV Cooking Matters, and the Local Roots Guide – we need funds to build programming, pay staff, and maintain our organization’s capacity. 

Our organization began as a community-driven effort, because people like you saw a need for a robust local foods system. Here in the San Luis Valley, we have a rich agricultural heritage, fertile soils fed by the Rio Grande, and a diverse array of regenerative and organic farmers who are working to heal the land while sustaining the community. Our services benefit everyone in some way: the LFC provides access to local food, a market for local food, training for farmers, a beautiful public space on the river, and so much more. 

Please consider giving what you can to help us through these tough times.

Ally Jean
Executive Director Liza Marron discusses the ways our organization adapted in 2020.