Become a Friend of the Rio Grande Farm Park

The Rio Grande Farm Park (RGFP) is a thriving community space encompassing 37 acres of innovative, multi-use land only a 10-minute walk from downtown Alamosa, Colorado. The RGFP comes alive during the summer. Visitors can enjoy the bounty of harvest at local Farmers’ Markets or from our Farm Stand, walk the trails along the Rio Grande corridor, or explore the farmer incubator and family farm plots. In order to grow, the RGFP relies on support through donations, volunteer work, and community advocates.

As there are layers in healthy soils that serve to enrich the food we grow, Friends of the Farm Park are an essential element to sustaining the RGFP community. We welcome different levels of investment through this program.

Here’s how the process works:

Please note: Contributions over $100 are eligible for a 25% Enterprise Zone Credit.  For this credit, please let us know you’d like Enterprise Zone Credit. Visit the San Luis Valley Resource Development Page for more information.

Checks can be dropped by the office at 412 State Avenue in Alamosa or mailed to Rio Grande Farm Park, PO Box 181, Alamosa, CO 81101.

DONATE ONLINE: Please go to our Friends Online donation page by clicking here.

Please call the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition at (719)-937-2319, for more information.

Perks for You:

Perks for Us:

The levels of investment are divided up like layers of a food forest. Each layer has a role in maintaining the success and livelihood of the whole community.

workday-friends-400White Clover is grown at the RGFP as ground cover. It acts as temporary protection against erosion and drought to maintain fertile soils. The Ground Clover level of investment supports volunteer work days. Like protective ground cover, our volunteers are the front line support in maintaining the land.

Comfrey, used as an herbaceous layer, has a special role in maintaining the natural community as it supports species diversity. Investing at this level supports incubator farmer curriculum and training. It helps us grow a new generation of regenerative market farmers.

Currants provide an added layer of foliage in the under story that protects the soil from erosion, and provides shelter and food for birds and small animals. The leaf litter also promotes soil fertility. Currants are one of the primary shrub-layer plants at the RGFP.   As an investor at the Currants level, you are growing the RGFP Environmental Education Initiative, which teaches children across the San Luis Valley to become stewards of our local food system.

Hops are abundantly beautiful, and have been used in brews enjoyed for centuries. The hops level of investment helps fund future public art commissions, ensuring that art is part of the RGFP’s foundation, creating an artistic culture that supports the community vision of an equitable, local food system.

rio-friends-400Apple trees and other fruit bearing trees are often found in the under story. Return RGFP visitors will have the opportunity to watch the apple orchard grow over the years. Eventually it will provide nourishment and a pleasant leisure space to stroll or sit in the shade. Investing at the Apple Tree level will help us acquire fencing to protect the beautiful land from nuisances.

Cottonwoods are the city of Alamosa’s namesake. Like the rest of the river corridor, the RGFP is lined with tall cottonwoods.It is a part of the canopy layer of a food forest, which provides shade and maintains more suitable temperatures and humidity for the plants and animals growing on or under them. The Cottonwood level of investment  supports building a greenhouse on the land, so we can grow food all year and start seeds earlier in the season. It will help us provide infrastructure to improve farming yields.

Mycelium acts as the governor of a food forest. They analyze nutrient needs of all the plants tapped into a community and redistribute those nutrients to find an optimal balance. At the mycelium level, your investment ensures that we have the resources to implement our Master Plan. In the next phase we will build event, ceremonial, and community spaces. Your investment ensures that the RGFP is an inclusive community space for generations to enjoy.