Greenhouse Build

As we approach our 5th growing season, the Rio Grande Farm Park is facing a series of huge shifts. As we become more entwined with the leadership of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition (SLVLFC), we’ve been reevaluating the needs of our organization and community. The Farm Park has thrived for a few years thanks to community support and generous grant funding, we are ready to build up an enterprise and have consistent income.

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The SLVLFC is deep in fundraising-mode, aiming to construct a greenhouse at the Rio Grande Farm Park to fill a community need and desire to have fresh, locally-grown food available year-round. We enthusiastically encourage community involvement in an equitable food system; it’s something we all work together to create and consistently support. To this end, we are asking for your investment. Our plan is to construct a commercial production greenhouse where we can grow leafy greens and other veggies to supply an eager market through the Valley Roots Food Hub, local restaurants, and grocery stores throughout our foodshed. We also plan to provide space for our farmers to grow their starts, extending the growing season.

This greenhouse will benefit:
Our Farmers, providing space for them to grow their starts and extending their growing season;
Rio Grande Farm Park as an organization, offering opportunity for sustained earned income;
-and our Community by providing fresh leafy greens and other veggies year round!

-After vetting possible designs, we’ve landed on a Ceres model greenhouse .
-Once outfitted with the necessary equipment that will allow us to grow year-round, it will cost about $175,000.
-One of these greenhouses is already in use by a local producer, and we have the opportunity to learn about the growing experience from them.

Get Involved!
Donate to the Farm Park either online, or by sending a check.
-Volunteer to conduct fundraising.
-Join the RGFP Operations Committee, or
-join the Greenhouse sub-committee.