Greenhouse Build

Look at what we grew through this fundraiser!

WOW! We are humbled and honored by the outpouring of support for this campaign. We are so grateful to have raised nearly $15,000 for our future greenhouse! With this, we are happy to say that our greenhouse will be built within the next year.

With your investment, we will soon construct a greenhouse at the Park to fill a community need and desire to have fresh, locally-grown food available year-round. We enthusiastically encourage community involvement in an equitable food system; it’s something we all work together to create and consistently support.

This greenhouse will benefit:
Our farmers, providing space for them to grow their starts and extending their growing season;
Rio Grande Farm Park as an organization, offering opportunity for sustained earned income;
-and our community by providing fresh leafy greens and other veggies year-round!

Thanks to generous donors agreeing to match all of the funds we raise, your donation goes FIVE TIMES as far! For every dollar you donate, it is matched with four more.

Small farms can feed the world.

With your support, the Rio Grande Farm Park can be a part of the solution we need to provide for the future. 

If you missed your chance to donate to our match challenge, you can still give to the cause by visiting this link:
or, send a check for Rio Grande Farm Park to PO Box 181, Alamosa CO 81101