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All are welcome and appreciated at our monthly workdays.  They are usually held the last Saturday of each month, weather permitting, but check Facebook for the latest information. Typically, they start at 9am and last until noon.  We’d love to see you — stay for a bit, or for the entire morning!

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If you’d like, download a Volunteer Application Form or  contact Kris Steinberg at   if you have specific interests.

All abilities and skills are welcome, especially:2014-workday-summer-03

  • Landscaping knowledge
  • Woodworking skills
  • Gardening ability
  • Farming experience
  • And a willingness to have fun!

If you are interested in volunteering in the office, contact Liza Marron at or 719-937-2319

Join an action group

Please visit our Action Groups page.

Learn about the farm program

We are beginning a Farmer Training Program, where individuals or families can rent a plot of land on the park property and farm. The program will provide assistance and training for the beginning farmers. For more information, please contact Amber Middleton at 608-295-3424 or

Donate equipment

The Land Use Action Group created a Wish List. The group is looking for a few items that will make the farming of the land much easier. New farmers would be able to share equipment and tools and RGFP would help them kickstart their mini-farms with these needed implements:

  • Tractor (at least 60 horse power)
  • Tool Bar (at least 8 feet)
  • Bed Shaper (at least 5.5 to 6ft. span)
  • A Frame 3 pt. hitch (depends on tractor)
  • Mower (Rotary or Flail)
  • Tiller (at least 6 ft.)
  • Cultivator (preferably a Harriston)
  • Blade (mechanical or hydraulic)
  • Utility Truck for hauling and patrolling the land
  • Tools to include hammers, pliers, hand augers, machetes, drill and wrench sets, pitch forks, ascythe, sickle, seed drills.
  • 12-foot step ladder
  • Weed Eater-stolen this summer from our tool shed
  • Bush Hog or High Wheel Mower
  • Heavy Duty Wood Chipper

If you have any of these items to donate or sale at a reduced amount, please contact Amber Middleton at 608-295-3424 or

Donate funds

Please visit our Donate page.